Pondering the Concept of Virtual Emotional Intelligence.


Interesting article on virtual emotional intelligence.

I have my own thoughts on the impact of technology and the virtual world on people’s self concept and emotional coping mechanisms.

What impact does technology have on the development of valuable social and communication skills?

How does technology impact the ability to fit in to a classroom, training program or workplace if self-concept comes from a virtual identity?

We hear all the time now how technology wins the battle for attention. Most would agree that  technology is a prominent part of everyone’s life. Many would argue that this does not impact their social functioning, motivation or success. So why then are more and more people feeling left behind and isolated even when they are so virtually connected? What impact does technology have on fundamental life skills and those soft skills and attributes that get people jobs? Does technology increase isolation?

I am not a philosopher but I feel very strongly that if people connect more with the ‘virtual world’ and find all their social satisfaction in online communities and virtual interactions this can have a negative impact on their ability to interact or contribute in the physical world.  A strong perspective I know, but working where I do I meet so many people who self-disclose anxiety disorders that also report strong ties to social media and gaming. I am truly of a belief that the Internet and its ‘pseudo’ society of connectivity may have more that just a small contribution to this anxiety.

So can virutal emotional intelligence be learned or is it just attributes of a balanced individual who spends time in both the real world and online?

Thoughts please?




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