An excellent description of Blended Learning.


I really enjoyed this Ted Talk. There are so many  learning technologies out there that it can be overwhelming. Monique Markoff puts blended learning into perspective and explains how and why this is an effective classroom teaching strategy that is revolutionising the way to teach. This is definitely work a watch 🙂

Blended learning is not online learning. It is a student learning from a computer 25% or more of their day but still in a classroom setting. It is not learning to use 21st century technology (although very important work skill to have) it is using technology as a learning tool.  ( Monique Markoff).

Monique Markoff gives a compelling talk on the complexities of blended learning. She cautions that it is not an easy strategy to put into place. She also states that if done the right way it can have a positive impact on each learner. Also emphasised is the need for the face-to-face classroom with teachers, coaches, tutors or parents available to help. She points out that teachers will matter more than ever to make sure correct skills are targeted, students stay motivated and as innovators of new curriculum.

Types of Blended Learning:

  • Rotational learning
  • Lab model
  • Open classroom model
  • Flipped classroom
  • Split model

Where do you see your classroom headed in the 21st Century? What classroom model would work best for your learners?



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