Old Fashion Poster Exercise as a Learning Strategy

“Welcome to the magical nerdy wonderland of my head”

Kane S. participant in the Nourishing Youth Employment Skills Program- January 2017

What an amazing start to presentation! Agree?

The Learning Objectives

To increase participants ability to verbally articulate their skills, abilities, goals and achievements. All necessary skills for success in a job interview.

The Assignment

Part 1 – the learners were create a visual presentation  to summarise their  first two weeks career assessments. They were to include skills, abilities, goals, hopes and dreams. They were given poster board, magazines, glue and coloured pens and markers. They had one day to complete the story board.

Part 2 – give a 3-5 minute presentation about themselves to the audience of their classmates.

Part 3- as the audience, give the presenter a detailed compliment about their presentation.

The start of the project was met with some initial angst from the class. It was much the same as what  we might hear from non-technology savvy  learners told to develop a power point presentation. This was short-lived.  The technology free project provided the opportunity for lively discussion, laughter, rapport building, helping, supporting and sharing. A great list of secondary outcomes and not one person was resistant to the exercise.

The process of finding visuals to represented their ideas, thoughts and feelings required that they deepen their engagement in the exercise. The presentations were unique, entertaining and engaging. It was evident that each person was fully involved in the exercise.

The role for the audience in providing compliments increased each learner’s focus on listening and articulating their thoughts and feeling. Giving praise and compliments requires confidence too!

Each poster has become a work of art that the individual was proud of. They are now posted around the classroom as testimonials of their amazing journey.


Poster  by Kane S.


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