The Flipped Classroom


“I like you better on You Tube then in real life. I can pause, rewind you and play you again ” Salman Khan.

Excellent video from Salman Khan. He talks about online learning and its value to education. In his talk he describes the Flipped Classroom.The flipped classroom is a process where the learners watch lessons online and do their homework in the classroom. The instructor is able to help the learners practice what they have learned prior to the class.

He points out that the traditional way to teach is ‘lecture, homework, lecture, homework, lecture, homework and test’. Pass with a grade level or fail, and move on. He gives a clever analogy of riding a bike. You don’t learn the skill up to a certain time and then stop learning and be a percentage grade of a bike rider. You practice it until you have mastered it. This doesn’t happen in the education system when learning. Once a course is over you are graded and move on whether you have mastered all or only a portion of the learning. Salman explains how mastery can happen using resources like Khan Academy and the Flipped Classroom.

As a program facilitator and trainer I like the thought of practice in the classroom!



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