Banning cell phones in the classroom


In the first two days of class my new group of learners provided me with enough behavoural evidence to take their cell phones away during class. Their cell phones were interfering with getting to know each other and I was loosing their attention. I am teaching them life skills and employability skills, fundamental strategies to improve their situations so  they can take care their future. The cell phone was clearly my competition.

Besides the fact that the learners could not stay off their phones, it was apparent that 8 out of 10 of the participants did very little reading. How did I know? I asked them  and they were honest with me. Their leisure time was spent gaming and I mean all of it! So I implemented a reading strategy in the class. Any spare time was to be used the reading a book or a magazine of their choice the ‘old fashioned’ way and not virtually.

Of course there was resistance but it didn’t last long. Even the most resistant learner found a book that resonated with him. In fact, he has to be prompted to put it away!

Sharing the gift of reading provides another tool for success.

How much do you read? Do you love the feel of a book or do you read on tech?

Here is an excellent summary article  on reading from I am an avid reader and can attest to all 10.

10 Benefits of Reading: Why You Should Read Every Day

  1. mental stimulation
  2. stress reduction
  3. knowledge
  4. vocabulary expansion
  5. memory improvement
  6. stronger analytical skills
  7. improved focus and concentration
  8. better writing skills
  9. tranquility
  10. free entertainment


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