Technology’s Contribution to Learning

Hi! I am back. This blogger is determined to get into routinely posting.

Started reading the textbook for 3240 “Teaching Naked by José Antonio Bowen. Bowen talks about how technology has opened access to higher education to people around the globe. People who would not be able to attend college, university or even grade school in some parts of the world. They are now able to accesses education and learn skills if they have a cell phone and wi-fi available. From online tutorial on Youtube, information on Ted Talks, websites Wikipedia, Blogs, and scholarly publications there is free knowledge online. Free learning sites also offer structured learning about different subjects. One example, the online  virtual centre Khan Academy.

“For Free. For Everyone. Forever”

I was so intrigued that I went on the Khan Academy website to check it out. I decided to try it out for myself. What better way to really learn about it, do you agree? I am now a virtual student and practicing up very rusty math skills. It is a fun site and engaging learning process. It feels like an online game complete with reward badges and advancement points. I haven’t made it far enough yet to see what those points give me. Oh and if you run into difficulty each question has a YouTube tutorial that shows you how to do work through the problem.

I am now think past my own access to this site and  looking at how I can incorporate the Khan Academy into the 23 week employment program I am currently facilitating. One of the learning goals for a couple of the participants is to learn ‘trades math’. You might have guessed that I won’t be teaching them! However, the Khan Academy may be just the resource to get those truly interested in learning this math started.

How would you incorporated free online learning in your classroom?

And seriously if you haven’t checked out the Khan Academy do so. There must be something you want to know more about or brush up on 🙂

Hope everyone is pursuing their passion. Bye for now…



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