Highlights of My PIPD Program to date…

The Vancouver Community College BC Instructor’s Diploma Program has given me a solid foundation of skills and knowledge for teaching adult learners.

PIPD 3100 Foundations of Adult Education

Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning provide me with a solid understanding of the 3 domains of adult learning. This course introduced me to learning theories, digital project creation and critical self-reflection using the focused conversation model ORID. Objective, Reflective, Interpretive and decision.

PIPD 3210 Curriculum Development

I learned how to use an organizational tool called the Dacum to write curriculum. I learned the importance of percise language. The sticky note method is a must!

PIPD 3220 Delivery of Instruction

BOPPPS method! What more can I say! This class was on campus where I met an amazing instructor Mr. Doug Mauger and a wonderful class of PIPD learners. It was a fun and full week of learning and instructional practice.

PIPD 3230 Evaluation of Learning

I have a huge appreciation and respect for the formative evaluation process. This course taught me how to use both formative and summative assessments to aid both student and instructor in self-assessment. More digital project work! Digital Project included!

PIPD 3250 Instructional Strategies

I learned that no classroom will every be the same and instructional strategies that worked with one group may now work with an other. Skillful teachers know this and use a variety of instructional strategies and student engagement techniques. Motivation to learn comes from using the best tools for content and context. Digital Project included!

PIPD Professional Practice

This course introduced me to Kidder’s 9 Step Ethical Dilemma Solution Framework. The group project provided an opportunity to work through an ethical dilemma scenario with a partner. This was an insightful, interesting and fun project.

This course also introduced me to Stephen Brookfield and his book The Skillful Teacher . I have to say I love his real and forthright style and his book! He also developed the Critical Incident questionnaire CIQ, a formative assessment tool that gives students the ability to evaluate their learning and provide instructors with feedback. Digital Project included!

I am looking forward to my next course PIPD Media Enhanced Learning.

Then on to the CAPSTONE Project!

This is an amazing journey of learning! Cheers!


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