Pondering my learning in Provincial Instructor’s Diploma Program…

As 2017 begins it only makes sense to look back on 2016 and reflect on some highlights.

I have spent much of my spare time since March 1 2016 at my computer in the evenings working on my BC Provincial Instructors Diploma Program.

If I was to sum up what I have learned in a few sentences this is what I would say…

It all starts and ends with self-reflection. Teaching is about being real and developing relationship with learners. It is about helping and creating a partnership with the learners that is mutually respectful and supportive. A good teacher does not exist without the support of their learners. Learners do not learn without the support of a good teacher. There are theories, teaching strategies and tools at our disposal. They are all valuable and part of the practical part of teaching. However, no amount of skills or ability will compensate for passion, self-reflection and a desire to help each student where they are at.

I am so grateful for the BC PIDP. It is my final credential to close the circle of my helping career.



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