Where am I today and where do I want to be?

Time out for a reflection on my  journey…

This learner is skiing on the downhill slope to the end of her Provincial Instructor Diploma Program. I have two courses left to complete. I have until March 31 2017 to finish! Sometimes this feels overwhelming because this means my CAPSTONE Project has to be done in 4 months while simultaneously finishing my last course. Yikes!

As I ramp up my homework pace I am also starting a new 23 week program instructing an employability and life skills program for 8 youths in two weeks! Grateful that I will have this opportunity to implement new teaching strategies and classroom engagement techniques. Excited to have the tools gained over the past 8 months to enhance my teaching. Can’t wait to meet my learners! Living my passion.

This week has been an interesting week for me. I am filling in a different capacity at work. I have been doing first appointments for clients in the employment program we facilitate at my place of employment. This involves data processing on one of the most complicated databases I have met! My ethics, ‘people over paper’ mantra has changed to ‘people over computer’. The process I have to do comprimes my ethics at every turn. Not my idea of fulfilment. Emotional too! So many people unemployed and struggling in poverty. So hard to sit and be present with someone who is pooring out their struggles, fears and suffering when I have to data process at the same time because that is how the system works now. Needless to say I am behind in my work. Just won’t treat people like that! Going to look at this week as a gift to remind me why I don’t do case management anymore.

I love to teach, coach and mentor! I have truly discovered how I want to help others. My future goals include developing curriculum that is accessible for every learner. We may have high schools and a college here but not everyone has access to the learning.

I am an avid believer in the importance of the face to face relationship in all aspects of life. Although I have benefited from online learning for my BA in Justice and now my Instructor’s Diploma I still know I missed out on much richness that a physical classroom has to offer. I want to offer courses in a variety of subjects to community members. If I can give someone knowledge that enhances their life I will feel accomplished. I hope to devlop some courses for the Literacy Program in my community and give English as a Second Language residents some extra support.

I also know me and I will be avidly working on online courses. I love technology and innovation. I have been on a huge learning curve in the PIPD but navigating every bend. I think I would like to play around with advocacy skills cirruculum for online learning.

A personal passion is dogs. I own a rescue and want to make a difference for animals too. I developed a Responsible Dog Program in the curriculum development course and I want to pilot to the community in a physical classroom.

Lots of fun and adventure ahead! Feeling grateful and inspired. Thanks for reading my blog!




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