Teaching Perspective Inventory

The Teaching Perspective Inventory is a free self-assessment available on line. It contains 45 questions that rate statements. The results are categorized and graphed into 5 different perspectives.

5 Qualitive Perspectives:

  • Transmission- teaching is “substantial commitment to content or subject matter”
  • Apprenticeship- “good teachers are highly skilled practitioner”
  • Developmental- “teaching must be planned and executed from the learner’s point of view
  • Nurturing- teaching recognizes “efforts to achieve come from the heart not the head”
  • Social Reform- “effective teaching seeks to change society in substantive ways”


The TPI was developed using two decades of research involving teachers from Canada, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and the United States.

Why take the T.P.I? The questions on the inventory help a teacher to define their teaching philosophy.

So this learner took the T.P.I. assessment. It was quick, easy and interesting.

My score revealed that my highest perspective was Nurturing and lowest Social Reform. I am not as surprised that Nurturing was my highest perspective. However, I was surprised that Social Reform was my lowest. Why? My main work is vocational rehabilitation so nurturing fits. I support individuals that live with barriers and challenges with their career and employment goals. My other passion is social justice. I am also a self-proclaimed advocate and do advocacy off the side of desk in conjunction to my work. The T.P.I. is providing me with insight that has me curious and self-reflecting.There is much more to analysis of the results. I am still breaking down my score.

Take the test and find out about your teaching philosophy and use this to guide your professional growth.

Link to the test.




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