I wonder how much we miss of our own creative potential by rushing through life? Did you know that everyone is creative? I didn’t! I have taken lots of self-assessments and always score on the left-brain or logical side of the scale.


Then a fellow student in PIDP 3250 shared a YouTube video on Tony Buzan’s work wiht the brain and creativity. Buzan explains that both side of the brain working together is required to be creative. Therefore, everyone is creative!

In this video Tony Buzan introduces Mind Mapping. Using imagination and association between key words one can draw an elaborate visual on any topic. The act of making the map develops new neural pathways in the brain and enhances memory. Mind mapping is an excellent learning strategy.

Check out the video. Mind mapping really appeals to me because of the colours, shapes and designs help me process information where plain text doesn’t.

I think mind mapping is a fun and creative classroom engagement technique. What do you think?



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