Plain Language Please!

Oh the slog through dense and foreign territory. Stopping and starting. Back tracking again. And again. Covering the same ground over and over. Yet it hardly looks familiar. Will I ever get through this? What if I forget where I started? What if I get so lost I give up?


Not what you think. Not an adventure gone wrong! It was another dense textbook attached to short timeline. I needed a lifeline to get through it 🙂

This learner appreciates plain language. It makes no sense to me why most academic textbooks and research papers are written so they have to be deciphered. Plain language transfers the same knowledge. It make information more accessible to people. It makes reading faster and comprehension easier.

Now for the irony. I struggle with writing. What I could say in 150 words comes out around the 1000 word mark. This is why I appreciate the video below that describes  the value of plain language. I aspire to become a better writer.

Thank you Rhonda Haagen

By the way, I am really enjoying the textbooks that are assigned for the BC Provincial Instructor’s Diploma Program! They are laid out well, easy to read, concise and in plain language. This is how I am going to plan my courses. 

This learner is happy 🙂 to blog about this on a Friday night!


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