‘Significant Learning’

Dee Fink’s Taxonomy of Significant Learning was introduced in my PIDP 3250 course. His taxonomy contained 6 elements of learning that he believes are essential to the learning process. I tend to agree with him!

Fink’s Taxonomy:

  • Foundational Knowledge- Understanding and remembering information and ideas
  • Aplication-Skills; critical, creative and practical thinking; managing projects
  • Integration-Connecting ideas, people, realms of life
  • Human Dimension-Learning about oneself, others
  • Caring-Developing new feelings, interests, values
  • Learning How to Learn- Becoming a better student; inquiring about a subject; self-directed learner


Quoted from:


Learning is not about memorizing facts. The teacher and learners are partners and responsible for the outcome of any course. Learning is dynamic, relational, reciprocal,  interactive, interconnected, emotional, creative and practical. 







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