Doodle dee do…

This learner is a doodler. Are you?

If you answered yes then you are not alone. Many people engage in the same activity.

For me, I believe doodling helps me focus. I think doodling actually helps me learn. I don’t know if I could sit still or process all the information shared during lectures if I didn’t have a pen and paper. How do I know this?

Every time I go to a training session or speaker’s convention I come away with a tangled, squiggled, circled mess of marks on every handout and my note pad. Oopsie! I was supposed to share these documents with my colleagues back at the office!

When I sit in a classroom or watch a training webinar I doodle. Sometimes it is random shapes and squiggles and sometimes I draw houses, flowers, dogs, cats, and eyes (not very well). I marvel at all this inking and wonder how it happened because I was focused on the speaker. And yes, I remember the lectures.

Watch the TED Talk below by Sunni Brown. She talks about doodling and why its a good thing!

Now I can’t take credit for the work of art below. I can tell you that the young artist that produced this amazing expression of beauty was fully engaged in the entire lesson I was teaching. She asked and answered questions, participated in all the exercises and contributed to the discussions.

Is doodling is a learning tool?



Doodle on my friends!


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