How are you about making mistakes?

This learner is reflecting on mistakes tonight…

It is no secret that people do not like to make mistakes. There is a huge emotional risk around mistakes. People internalize mistakes and start judging themselves as lacking. They will compare themselves to others and start to isolate, shutdown and give up. So telling adult learners that making mistakes is the most important thing that happens in the classroom is going to take some convincing.

Maybe it is best to get it straight from the beginning with students. Mistakes are growth. If we aren’t making mistakes we aren’t trying new things. If we are not trying new things we are playing it safe. Playing it safe means we don’t venture out of our comfort zone.

The key to mistakes is how you handle them. If you have a ‘I can’t fix it’ attitude you don’t bother to try. The mistake happens again and becomes a cycle of defeat. Fear and self-loathing lurks in the background.

However, if you have a ‘I can fix it’ attitude you will find a way. Self directed learners will seek support, feedback and guidance. They turn to their instructors and embrace their classmates. They will put themselves out their for the very reason that they know that playing it safe means giving up on goals and stunting growth. the-growth-mindset-i-can-get-smarter-large

Learning is about venturing into the unknown. Conquering and returning a hero! Embrace your mistakes!



2 thoughts on “How are you about making mistakes?

  1. Awesome Blog Janice . Very nicely written and to the heart of the issues I am sure we all face , at least I speak for myself . Its something I have struggled with my whole life and I am very grateful to read of experiences
    that seemed all too encompassing . Thank you …ed


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