Engagement…Appreciative Inquiry

Who doesn’t want a key to happiness and feeling alive? Those that don’t, need not declare.

How to begin? Start here with Robyn Straten-Berkessel.

In her TED Talk Robyn Straten-Berkessel talks about a simple question she uses to open a dialogue with people whenever there is an opportunity. She asks, “What is the best thing that has happened to your so far today?” She says that she has met some of the most incredible and inspiring people on her journey just by deciding to engage in conversation with them.

Watch her video. Why?

Robyn says it is possible and most probable to experience 14 Positive Feelings by engaging in Appreciative Inquiry.


Robyn’s 14 Positive Feelings:

  • Joy and Delight
  • Kindness and Curiosity
  • Courage and Relief
  • Respect and Gratitude
  • Interest, Connection and Relatedness
  • Playfulness, Awe and Love

Who wouldn’t want to feel these feeling?  Moreover, the whole experience of connectedness can be the force to improve the conditions around us. 



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