Appreciative Inquiry and Classroom Engagement

Changing the way we approach a problem!

Has anyone worked on a classroom project or assignment where they were asked to fix what was not working?

Often when something isn’t working it is human nature to make a list of all that is wrong with the situation. The issue has to be fixed! We focus on the negative.  Negativity can make the process feel draining, hopeless and discouraging. Creativity, excitement and energy are extinguished.

Appreciative Inquiry is a method of problem solving that is completely opposite.

When something isn’t working the AI process focuses on what is going right in this situation. A list of all that is going right is generated.  Problem solving is done by focusing on how to get more of what is working.  The  future is designed with positive ideas. Passion, energy and excitement is ignited and creativity pours from the group!

What a fabulous way to approach a classroom assignment or project!

For more information check out this quick clip!


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